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Am I reading too fast? 

There is actually a real argument for slowing down while reading a book if it conveys ideas that are of practical use to you. Ideas presented in books such as "Atomic Habits" that seriously attempt to change your life, needs to be absorbed slowly both in terms of its information and emotion. Sometimes it seems I need to re-read a book, not because I forgot its message, but because I need to reexperience the emotions associated with it. 

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Reclaiming my hours

Yesterday I uninstalled 'enter the gungeon'. My computer tells me that I have spent 90 hours playing the game since I downloaded it in February. Ninety hours that theoretically could have been spent reading books, working out and improving my writing.

Now I want to reclaim my hours, to figure out exactly what I have missed by playing a game. How valuable are ninety hours spent on something?

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Overcome and accept

Culture often serves as a tool of domestication. It removes our teeth’s and fangs, and corrupting us by confusing’s us by making us believe that we were always this toothless. I think that laziness is Apollonian construct. The mindless watching of YouTube videos, the checking of social media, the grinding of videogames – none of this is me. It is the symptoms of a corrupting culture that monetizes attention.

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